Boston Center for Community Ownership

The Boston Center for Community Ownership (BCCO) is a co-op development center with a focus on grassroots organizing and community economic development. They provide education & training, facilitation and consulting for worker-owned, consumer-owned and hybrid cooperatives. The Boston Impact Initiative provided a grant to support capacity building. Learn more


The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, Inc. (BECMA) advances the economic well-being of Black businesses, organizations that serve the Black community and Black residents of Massachusetts. In 2016, BII provided a start-up grant to BECMA. Learn more

all town insurance logo

All Towns Insurance

Theodat Insurance was the first Haitian insurance agency in Boston and for 38 years built a profitable relationship-centered insurance agency in Dorchester. The founder is passing his business on to his daughter, Marie-Armel Theodat, who has the opportunity to acquire clients from All State and form the new All Towns Insurance. BII provided Marie-Armel with a loan to help her acquire this book of business and keep ownership and employment in her community.

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Accion USA

Accion is a nonprofit organization providing small business loans and financial education to entrepreneurs. Since 1991, Accion East and Online has provided over $132 million in over 20,000 microloans, helping to grow small businesses and strengthen the communities they serve. The Boston Impact Initiative has partnered with Accion to create the New Ownership Fund, a small business loan and technical assistance program that strengthens opportunities for Boston’s urban entrepreneurs. Learn more

Introducing Alexie Torres-Fleming & Afsana Jahan

We are thrilled to welcome Alexie and Afsana to the BII team!

Alexie  Alexie Torres-Fleming is an activist, community organizer, advocate and urban planner from the South Bronx, New York with over 25 years of executive leadership in the faith, non-profit and philanthropic sectors. She has extensive experience in environmental justice, participatory community planning and grassroots organizing. Alexie is a nationally and internationally recognized public speaker, rooted in urban communities, with a strong history of building city, state, and national coalitions and alliances. Her life’s work has been dedicated to many issues including economic and democratic change, young people, women and communities of color, community voice, leadership and action. Alexie is highly skilled at building organizations, strategic planning, conducting national field scans, executing field building strategies and designing comprehensive grant making initiatives.

An award winning activist and Harvard Loeb fellow, Alexie is executive director of Access Strategies Fund, Board Trustee at the Center for Action and Contemplation, Trustee of The Sister Fund, and Board Member of Sojourners.

Alexie is a Senior Advisor and Investment Committee member of the Boston Impact Initiative.

IMG_20161106_212230Afsana Jahan completed her MBA (cum laude) in social entrepreneurship and impact management from Heller School of Brandeis University. Over the last two years, during her MBA she worked as an intern with two impact investing firms, as well as a consultant for an apparel manufacturing social enterprise and as a fundraiser for non-profit organizations. She was also a sustainable, responsible, impact investing conference scholar 2016 and is a regional finalist in the Hult Prize 2017. Previously, she completed her bachelor in finance and accounting from North South University and worked in middle market financing and commercial banking research in the financial industry and program management in an international development organization.

Afsana is interested in entrepreneurship and economic development and has consulted and designed many social enterprises in various industries. She loves sun, beaches and music. She is a singer and regularly performs in Bangladeshi cultural programs in the northeast.

Afsana is the Senior Analyst of the Boston Impact Initiative.

Winter Investments

Please join us in welcoming Massachusetts Pathways LLC and Sunwealth to the BII portfolio. BII made a follow-on loan with Tremendous Maid.



Massachusetts Pathways LLC, a collaboration between Commonwealth of Massachusetts, JVS Boston, and Social Finance, is the nation’s first adult education/employment Pay for Success Bond in the country. This $15 million project will provide adult education and employment services to nearly 3,000 individuals across the greater Boston area, north shore, and metro-west. BII made an investment into the project that will be repaid based on successful social outcomes. Learn more


SunwealthSunwealth is a pioneering clean energy investment firm determined to unleash the power of commercial solar by delivering meaningful returns and tangible impact. Sunwealth’s Boston Interfaith Solar Project provides project financing and development of solar on houses of worship. BII provided a loan to help finance clean energy on three houses of worship in Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, and Roxbury, thereby reducing their energy bills. Learn more


TMTremendous Maid is a family-owned and operated residential and commercial cleaning business based in Dorchester. Dominican co-founders Rosa Tejeda, Victoria Amador and Nisaury Amador aim to increase employment and career opportunities for their community and have received accolades for their businesses’ impact in low-income neighborhoods. As a current member of the portfolio, BII made a follow-on loan to support business stabilization and growth. Learn more




Advoqt is a provider of IT outsourcing, consulting and staffing services. Founder Reinier Moquete’s ambition is to become one of the country’s largest minority-owned IT service providers and to create career opportunities for Black and Latino employees, who are estimated to make up as little as 4 to 5 percent of the tech workforce. In 2016, BII provided a convertible debt investment to support implementation of key growth strategies. Learn more

99 Degrees Custom

99 Degrees Custom is a Lawrence-based light manufacturing company specializing in sewn and bonded sports and activewear. Employing more than 40 people who are 95 percent people of color and 60 percent women, 99 Degrees is pioneering a future where apparel is built by an empowered workforce, robotics, lean process and agile systems. The Boston Impact Initiative provided an initial loan in 2014 to help secure a major contract and a second loan in 2016 to support business growth. Learn more

88 Acres

88 Acres is an artisan food company that produces healthy snacks free of the top eight food allergens. Their Dorchester-based manufacturing center generates good jobs for the local community–the enterprise created 53 new jobs in 2019 alone! They also prioritize ingredient sourcing from New England-based farmers.  The BII Fund made its initial investment in 2017. In 2019, BII made a follow-on investment to expand their business and create new manufacturing jobs.  Learn more