Opportunity to Launch a Retail Business in Fields Corner

The Fields Corner Collaborative (BII is a member) is seeking a local business owned and/or operated by woman or person of color to occupy a prime retail space at 1452 Dorchester Avenue in the Fields Corner neighborhood of Dorchester. The award includes: up to 40 hours of pre- and post-launch business coaching; 6 months free rent starting November; reduced rent for 5 years; $50,000 capital contribution. 

 Applications are due September 15. Learn more


Join Ujima! #hope #abundance #solidarity

What would it look like to take back our economy? To put ordinary folks in control of the goods and services they wish to produce and consume? To keep knowledge and capital circulating within the neighborhood rather than draining out to multinational corporations?

If that’s a vision you believe in, then join the Boston Impact Initiative in becoming members of the Ujima Project, a model for a community-controlled economy in Boston. This audacious experiment is an opportunity to demonstrate a viable alternative to an economic system that extracts resources and wealth from our nation’s most vulnerable communities. Watch video

Over the last two years, more than 500 residents have participated in Ujima events and workshops to help build a shared vision for a People’s Economy in Boston. Now it’s your turn to participate. Become a Founding Member or join us on September 8-9 for Ujima’s Founding General Assembly, Dreaming Wild.


WeSpire Builds Diversity/Inclusion Module

WeSpire is an employee engagement platform that supports large organizations to design, deliver and measure the benefits of positive impact programs like sustainability, corporate social responsibility and well-being initiatives. BII Fund made a convertible preferred investment in the platform to ensure that its diversity/inclusion module has the quality of content and influence that can transform the way hundreds of thousands of corporate and nonprofit employees think about racial and economic justice.


Financing 88 Acres Regional Growth

88 Acres is an artisan food enterprise that produces healthy snacks free of the top eight food allergens. Their manufacturing center, located at the Pearl facility in Dorchester, generates more than a dozen good jobs for the local community. BII Fund made a convertible debt investment to provide growth capital for expansion throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. The investment included impact covenants focused on maintaining fair wages, management and production staff diversity, local sourcing, employee stock option program, and more.


Apply for Free Office Space

For the fourth year in a row, the Boston Impact Initiative is partnering with Fields Corner Business Lab to sponsor a local business that will receive free space and executive coaching. This year, the Boston Ujima Project is joining the partnership to create a participatory process for selecting the winners.

We are currently seeking applications from businesses in Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury and Mattapan that embody our shared commitment to economic justice, which means creating opportunity for all people—especially those most oppressed or abandoned by our current economic system—to lead a dignified and productive life.

Finalists selected by Boston Impact Initiative and Fields Corner Business Lab will be expected to pitch their business at the Ujima Founding Assembly on September 9.

Applying organizations (for-profit and non-profit) must be participating in one or more of these areas:

  • Challenging structures that perpetuate racial, social, economic and environmental injustice
  • Developing good jobs for the local community
  • Providing goods and services that meet community needs
  • Building healthy local food, transportation and energy systems
  • Engaging community through arts and culture and/or civic activism

To apply, please send the following information to john@fieldscornerbusinesslab.com:

  • Organization name, address, website and any additional relevant information
  • Contact name, title, email address and phone number
  • Description of the organization’s mission and how it meets the above criteria
  • If a start-up, describe barriers to launch and when/how to overcome them
  • If in operation, describe how long in operation and current financial condition

Boston residents, women, Black people, people of color, immigrants, queer and gender nonconforming people strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications are due August 30, 2017. View flyer.