Quality Interactions

Quality Interactions is an e-learning platform that provides cultural competency training for healthcare professionals. The platform helps healthcare providers reduce unconscious bias and as a result improve health outcomes for patients of all cultural backgrounds, including people of color, immigrant, bilingual and LGBTQ patients, and those who are uninsured. In 2018, BII Fund made a convertible debt investment to support product development and growth. Learn more

Localist Revolution

Even David Brooks has joined our Localist Revolution. In his July 2018 opinion piece in The New York Times, he cites the work of BII founder Deborah Frieze in identifying how we create the conditions for local power to emerge that is “personalistic, relational, affectionate, irregular and based on a shared history of reciprocity and trust.”

Solidarity Philanthropy

In Impact Investing Can Fight Racism and Wealth Gaps–if Conducted in New Ways, Rodney Foxworth writes, “If we’re truly motivated to deconstruct the enormous wealth inequalities that have ravaged and extracted wealth from rural, indigenous, and majority communities of color, we must rid ourselves of the power dynamics, biases, and culture that got us here in the first place.” (Chronicle of Philanthropy, 2018)

Solidarity Philanthropy

In Solidarity Philanthropy: Reparations, Democracy and Power, Aaron Tanaka explores the question, “What does it take to transition American capitalism from a system for the 1% to an economy for all?” This article discusses philanthropy’s role in building true alternatives to our dominant economic regime. (Medium, 2018)

Why I Want Community Organizers to Tell Me Where to Invest

In Why I Want Community Organizers to Tell Me Where to Invest, Deborah Frieze writes that if we wish to transform our economic system from one that extracts values from communities of color to one that operates in solidarity, it’s not good enough to redirect the flow of capital. We also have to redirect the flow of power. (Next City, 2018)

TC’s Repair Service

TC’s Repair Service specializes in repairing commercial coffee brewers, grinders, espresso machines, hot water towers and juice dispensers. The company serves coffee chain shops, cafes, restaurants and coffee machine manufacturers. Husband-and-wife team Mario and Rachel Rodrigues decided to acquire the company based on Mario’s experience as a customer of TC’s Repair when he worked at Equal Exchange. In 2018, BII Fund provided financing for the acquisition. Learn more


Coalition of Occupied Homes in Foreclosure (COHIF) works to stabilize the Greater Four Corners neighborhood of Dorchester by helping residents of foreclosed homes to stay in their homes, developing permanently affordable housing, and helping extend these efforts in other neighborhoods. The organization intends to place its homes into a community land trust. In 2018, BII Fund provided a loan to support COHIF’s Community Stabilization Pilot Project, advancing crucial anti-displacement strategies in Boston. Learn more

Mobile Cuts

Mobile Cuts is a mobile barbershop that brings salon services right to your doorstep. The company is capitalizing on the growing trend of corporations and universities to offer services through vendors that stop by one day a week or for a couple hours at a time. In 2018, BII Fund provided a loan for working capital and to purchase and renovate a second mobile truck. Learn more