Shared Services

BII Fund provides back office support services to other integrated capital funds. This includes portfolio construction and design, investment tracking and management and training.

Worker Ownership

We believe worker ownership is a pathway to prosperity. So we provide advisory support to help enterprises convert to employee ownership through cooperatives, ESOPs, trusts and more.

Solidarity Economy

The Solidarity Economy Initiative is an incubator for grassroots community organizations working to advance economic justice by engaging in entrepreneurship. Learn more

Impact Capital Lab

The Impact Capital Lab offers advisory support to help individual and institutional investors direct a portion of their portfolios toward place-based impact investing.

Beyond Boston

BII Fund leverages our learning here in Boston to help organizations in other communities develop place-based integrated capital funds focused on closing the racial wealth divide.

Boston Ujima Project

The Boston Ujima Project is a business and finance ecosystem that democratizes local investment, production and consumption to grow community wealth and resilience. Learn more