Localist Revolution

Even David Brooks has joined our Localist Revolution. In his July 2018 opinion piece in The New York Times, he cites the work of BII founder Deborah Frieze in identifying how we create the conditions for local power to emerge that is “personalistic, relational, affectionate, irregular and based on a shared history of reciprocity and trust.”

Capitalism is Not the Only Choice

Capitalism is Not the Only Choice, by Penn Loh in YES! Magazine. When everything that we label “economic” is assumed to be capitalist—transactional and market-driven—then it is no wonder that we run short on imagination. What if, instead, economy is all the ways that we meet our material needs and care for each other? Beneath the official capitalist economy are all sorts of thriving non-capitalist economies, where there may not be a profit motive or market exchange.

Next Economy Now

The Next Economy Now podcast interviews Boston Impact Initiative founding partner Deborah Frieze about how to create healthy, resilient and inclusive communities by redistributing wealth from where it’s been accumulated to where it’s been extracted from.

Solidarity Rising in Massachusetts

What happens when social movements work together to reclaim economic power? This report, commissioned by the Solidarity Economy Initiative, highlights groundbreaking grassroots efforts to restore economic power to communities of color: Solidarity Rising in Massachusetts: How Solidarity Economy Movement is Emerging in Lower Income Communities of Color

Turning the Global Economy into Connected Communities

Turning the Global Economy into Connected Communities in The Guardian profiles BALLE founder and the vision of localizing economies in response to broken relationships resulting from economic globalization and corporate gigantism.

Emerging Just and Sustainable Food Economy in Boston, The

The Emerging Just and Sustainable Food Economy in Boston, by Penn Loh and Glynn Lloyd. Two of Boston’s leading thinkers in creating systemic change in our city around food justice and racial equity review innovations in building community wealth and health through re-localizing the food system.

What is a DPO?

What is a Direct Public Offering aka Investment Crowdfunding? by Jenny Kassan, Cutting Edge Capital. This article provides a primer on DPO’s and the possibilities in democratic financing.

Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale

Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale, by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze, published by the Berkana Institute. This article presents an “emergence” theory of change that reflects BII’s efforts to seed a new more equitable and sustainable economy.

Off-the-Grid Investing

Off-the-Grid Investing: Perspectives and Voices of a Transforming Financial System, by Don Shaffer, RSF Social Finance, published in the Fall 2013 issue of Green Money Journal. This article explores a unique approach to finance that transforms the relationship between investors and borrowers.

The Next System Project

The Next System Project: New Political-Economic Possibilities for the 21st Century sets forth the multi-year initiative of the Next Systems Project to create political-economic models capable of delivering on needed social, economic, and ecological outcomes.