MentorWorks is a platform that helps to originate and facilitate Income Share Agreements (ISAs) in partnership with different universities and technical colleges. It is the first platform to provide income-share based education financing with career mentorship. In 2020, BII committed invested in MentorWorks through a special funding vehicle (SPV), enabling the company to fund the higher education of students, primarily of color, who are attending community colleges or enrolled in technical training programs in Boston. Learn more

Valley Home Insulation

Valley Home Insulation offers residential insulation and weatherization services in Lawrence and the surrounding Merrimack Valley. Following the 2018 gas explosions, Columbia Gas offered 100% reimbursement for insulation and weatherization services on all homes it serves in the Merrimack Valley through the end of 2020. VHI leverages cultural competency and community presence to provide these services to low- and moderate-income residents of this region. In 2020, BII made a loan to VHI to fuel their growth.  Learn more

Capital Good Fund

Capital Good Fund is a Community Development Financial Institution that offers small loans and personal financial coaching to low-to-moderate income families. Their loans help people with less-than-perfect credit with a variety of expenses like medical bills, car purchases, immigration fees, and even unexpected emergencies, all at rates much lower than offered by payday lenders. In 2020, BII made a loan to CGF to bring immigration loans to Massachusetts and to increase the number of energy-efficiency loans for homeowners.  Learn more


The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts is a nonprofit organization that aims to advance the economic well-being of Black businesses, organizations that serve the Black community and Black residents of the state. BECMA organizes the Mass Black Expo, an annual event for Black businesses and supporters. In 2020, they played a key role in organizing the Black Mass Coalition, which set targets for private sector, philanthropy and state and local government, to work toward truly valuing Black lives. In 2019 and 2020, BII made grants to BECMA. Learn more

Amplify Latinx

Amplify Latinx is a non-partisan, collaborative movement whose mission is to build Latinx economic and political power by significantly increasing Latinx civic engagement, economic opportunity and representation in leadership positions across sectors. As one of the largest Latinx networks in Greater Boston, their goal is to serve as a leading voice and advocate for our Latinx communities across Massachusetts by building a diverse, unified and powerful network of Latinx leaders and partner organizations. In 2020, BII made a grant to Amplify Latinx. Learn more


AllHere, a software startup founded and headquartered in Boston, combats absenteeism in public school districts through technological services. The platform helps educators document absences, recognize patterns of absenteeism, and create action plans. AllHere’s products have been shown to successfully recover 47% of truant students, reduce chronic absenteeism by 30%, and improve the attendance of 83% of all students. In 2020, BII made an equity investment in AllHere to fund growth. Learn more


EVKids is a Boston-based nonprofit that matches area college students with school children to provide them with academic tutoring and mentorship. The organization’s summer camp also provides an opportunity for inner-city children to experience the outdoors. The nonprofit has experienced great success, with 100% of its students in the tutoring program graduating from high school and going on to college or another post-secondary program. In 2019, BII provided a line of credit to help EVKids navigate funding cycles. Learn more

Pristine Engineers Inc

Pristine Engineers provides engineering, design, and construction administration services on HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and renewable energy systems. They design energy-efficient systems for buildings in New England that result in energy and water savings. The founder, Golam Mustafa, is committed to hiring diverse team members and providing opportunities for career development. In 2019, BII Fund made a loan to support company growth. Learn more

MathTalk PBC

MathTalk is a community-focused education technology Public Benefit Corporation based in Cambridge, MA. Using playful installations, technology and books, MathTalk promotes early math and language development among children. It uses the latest scientific research on cognitive development and is rooted in the cultures of local communities of color. In 2019, BII Fund made an investment to enable the company to further develop its Mathscapes and mobile app. Learn more

TARTTs Day Care Centers

Tartts Day Care is family-owned business that provides quality childcare services for children ages two months to five years. Founded by African-American nurse Bessie Tartt Wilson in 1946, the company is now run by second, third, and forth generation family members. They currently serve over 250 children a year and plan to operate five boutique childcare centers in the Boston area by 2024. In 2019, BII made a loan for operational expenses of establishing a new center. Learn more