Green City Growers

Green City Growers transforms unused space into thriving urban farms, providing clients with immediate access to nutritious food while revitalizing city landscapes and inspiring self-sufficiency. The company makes innovative use of rooftops, vacant lots, parking garages and other previously unutilized spaces to grow vegetables for clients including Whole Foods Market, b.good, and the Boston Red Sox’ Fenway Park. In 2016, BII purchased Direct Public Offering shares. Learn more

Good Clothing Company

Good Clothing Company is dedicated to rebuilding the U.S. apparel manufacturing industry. They work with emerging designers and eco-fashion pioneers looking for a production partner to scale with them. Employing predominantly women, immigrants and low-income people, the company invests in training to move workers from a single production component towards the art and skill of garment construction. In 2016, BII provided a loan to support growth of the company’s Fall River operations to meet client demand. Learn more

Fresh Food Generation

Fresh Food Generation is a cafe, food truck and catering business committed to serving on-the-go real foods. The company sources ingredients from local farms and prepares delicious meals inspired by Latin American and Caribbean cuisine. In 2013, BII awarded FFG a social business prize through the Future Boston accelerator. In 2014, we provided a follow-on loan to help secure their food truck. In 2017, we provided bridge financing to support FFG’s growth plans. Learn more

Dorchester Co-op

The Dorchester Community Food Co-op is a community and worker-owned cooperative market that provides economic opportunity and healthy affordable food. The Co-op will provide space for education and cultural activities, and serve as a dynamic center for healthy eating and sustainable living in Dorchester. In 2013, BII provided grant funding to support the completion of a feasibility study and in 2015 purchased Direct Public Offering shares. Learn more

Delectable Desires

Delectable Desires Pastries offers edible art in the form of cakes and pastries. Owner Carlene O’Garro, a Mattapan native, says that her Caribbean roots influence her use of ingredients and baking style. Forgoing law school to pursue her passion, Carlene has received numerous awards for Delectable Desires Pastries. In 2016, Boston Impact Initiative LLC provided a loan to support Delectable Desires in opening its second location at South Station. Learn more

Commonwealth Kitchen

Commonwealth Kitchen is a nonprofit culinary incubator that provides shared kitchen space for small food-related businesses. Since 2009, CWK has launched more than 120 businesses. The incubator currently services 50 businesses per month, 70 percent of which are women- or minority-owned, and has created over 350 jobs. In 2013, BII provided a loan to CWK to open a new commercial kitchen in Dorchester to serve local food entrepreneurs. Learn more


Coalition of Occupied Homes in Foreclosure (COHIF) works to stabilize the Greater Four Corners neighborhood of Dorchester by helping residents of foreclosed homes to stay in their homes, developing permanently affordable housing, and helping extend these efforts in other neighborhoods. The organization intends to place its homes into a community land trust. In 2016, BII provided a loan to support COHIF’s Community Stabilization Pilot Project, advancing crucial anti-displacement strategies in Boston. Learn more

City Fresh Foods

City Fresh Foods is a 20-year-old, nationally acclaimed enterprise that delivers fresh, wholesome meals to charter schools, eldercare facilities and other organizations throughout the Boston area. As one of Roxbury’s major employers, City Fresh is respected as a “triple bottom line” business that brings returns to people, planet and profits. City Fresh plays an anchor role in Boston’s burgeoning urban food movement, serving major customers such as Meals on Wheels while sourcing from area producers and advocating for increased local food production. In 2014, BII partnered with Cienega Capital to make an equity investment. Learn more


CERO (Cooperative Energy Recycling and Organics) is a worker-owned cooperative that collects waste from local businesses. CERO’s waste separation systems increase reclamation and sale of clean paper, plastics, metals, waste vegetable oil and organic food waste, reducing trash sent to landfill and incinerators by 50 percent or more. This is now our third investment in CERO: in 2013, we partnered with Cooperative Fund of New England to provide a start-up loan; in 2014, we purchased CERO’s Direct Public Offering shares; in 2016, we’ve made an additional loan for working capital and equipment. Learn more


Advoqt is a provider of IT outsourcing, consulting and staffing services. Founder Reinier Moquete’s ambition is to become one of the country’s largest minority-owned IT service providers and to create career opportunities for Black and Latino employees, who are estimated to make up as little as 4 to 5 percent of the tech workforce. In 2016, BII provided a convertible debt investment to support implementation of key growth strategies. Learn more