Introducing Alexie Torres-Fleming & Afsana Jahan

We are thrilled to welcome Alexie and Afsana to the BII team!

Alexie  Alexie Torres-Fleming is an activist, community organizer, advocate and urban planner from the South Bronx, New York with over 25 years of executive leadership in the faith, non-profit and philanthropic sectors. She has extensive experience in environmental justice, participatory community planning and grassroots organizing. Alexie is a nationally and internationally recognized public speaker, rooted in urban communities, with a strong history of building city, state, and national coalitions and alliances. Her life’s work has been dedicated to many issues including economic and democratic change, young people, women and communities of color, community voice, leadership and action. Alexie is highly skilled at building organizations, strategic planning, conducting national field scans, executing field building strategies and designing comprehensive grant making initiatives.

An award winning activist and Harvard Loeb fellow, Alexie is executive director of Access Strategies Fund, Board Trustee at the Center for Action and Contemplation, Trustee of The Sister Fund, and Board Member of Sojourners.

Alexie is a Senior Advisor and Investment Committee member of the Boston Impact Initiative.

IMG_20161106_212230Afsana Jahan completed her MBA (cum laude) in social entrepreneurship and impact management from Heller School of Brandeis University. Over the last two years, during her MBA she worked as an intern with two impact investing firms, as well as a consultant for an apparel manufacturing social enterprise and as a fundraiser for non-profit organizations. She was also a sustainable, responsible, impact investing conference scholar 2016 and is a regional finalist in the Hult Prize 2017. Previously, she completed her bachelor in finance and accounting from North South University and worked in middle market financing and commercial banking research in the financial industry and program management in an international development organization.

Afsana is interested in entrepreneurship and economic development and has consulted and designed many social enterprises in various industries. She loves sun, beaches and music. She is a singer and regularly performs in Bangladeshi cultural programs in the northeast.

Afsana is the Senior Analyst of the Boston Impact Initiative.

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