Join Ujima! #hope #abundance #solidarity

What would it look like to take back our economy? To put ordinary folks in control of the goods and services they wish to produce and consume? To keep knowledge and capital circulating within the neighborhood rather than draining out to multinational corporations?

If that’s a vision you believe in, then join the Boston Impact Initiative in becoming members of the Ujima Project, a model for a community-controlled economy in Boston. This audacious experiment is an opportunity to demonstrate a viable alternative to an economic system that extracts resources and wealth from our nation’s most vulnerable communities. Watch video

Over the last two years, more than 500 residents have participated in Ujima events and workshops to help build a shared vision for a People’s Economy in Boston. Now it’s your turn to participate. Become a Founding Member or join us on September 8-9 for Ujima’s Founding General Assembly, Dreaming Wild.