BII Advances Leadership From Within

When Mark Watson joined BII in August 2016, he shared how deeply he yearned to put his decades of experience on Wall Street to work for folks of color. He also shared how committed he was to cultivating a pipeline of fund managers of color and how much trust he had in the decisions they would make about providing equitable access to capital.

In three very full years, he has accomplished both of these goals, helping to create breakthrough financial innovation that marries the rigor of finance with the impact of grassroots activism. Mark has been the magician who brought these two strategies together. He conceived of the BII Fund design in a way that compromised nothing in terms of social impact. Under his leadership, BII Fund has become a pioneer in the impact investing space, demonstrating that you can put racial justice at the center of an investment strategy.

And now he’s bringing his design skills to a new fund. On January 1st, 2020, Mark will join the Fair Food Fund as its Managing Director, continuing with BII Fund part-time as a Portfolio Strategist, supporting our current team as they step fully into their own leadership of BII Fund.

Together, Aliana Pineiro as Impact Director, Pablo Limon as Investment Director and Gregory Bloomfield as Director of Finance and Administration will deliver on BII Fund’s promise to provide integrated capital to entrepreneurs of color in Eastern Massachusetts and to pay back our many noteholders and supporters.