About Us

Transformative Impact for Economic and Racial Justice

Boston Impact Initiative (BII) is a nonprofit impact investing fund focused on economic and racial justice.

Our Vision

We are working to build a future where entrepreneurs of color and their communities have the financial, social and political power to create a sustainable, inclusive and equitable economy for generations to come. 

Our Mission

Transform the impact investing field so that economic and racial justice become integral to any place-based investment strategy.

Our Approach

We advance our mission and vision by investing in the people, places and social enterprises that share our values and need catalytic, integrated capital. Simultaneously, we disseminate learnings from our investing through field-building and education work, including our integrated capital card game and card deck, our cohort program, and by making our voice heard in local and national gatherings. Our model stems from community and takes a system-changing approach to close the wealth divide and catalyze power in communities of color.

Our Values

Solidarity: Our work is interconnected. We engage multiple stakeholders to solve problems together.
Equity: We work to build financial, social and political power for people and communities of color.
Trailblazing: We are willing to innovate and learn as we go, reimagining capitalism’s tools and systems.
Mutuality: Our relationships are rooted in mutuality, reciprocity and trust. 
Localism: We seek to co-create resilient, equitable and inclusive local economies, while lifting the ideas of local voices who know their community best.


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Invest in Us

Whether you are an investor or a philanthropic donor, your support of BII will have a transformative effect in closing the racial wealth gap and creating an economy that works for everyone.