What We Do

Building Financial, Social and Political Power

At BII, we are determined to build financial, social and political power for entrepreneurs of color.

As communities of color will become the new majority of our country — our workforce, our electorate, our economy — by 2045, we must invest in the people, places and enterprises that are creating a sustainable, inclusive and equitable economy.

Our place-based impact investing and field-building practices offer a system-changing approach for those working to close the racial wealth gap and catalyze power in communities of color.

Integrated Capital Investing: A Catalyst for Economic and Racial Justice

At the heart of our approach is the deployment of integrated capital — financial, knowledge, social and political capital — to entrepreneurs of color and their communities.

  • In our investing strategy,  integrated capital means blending investment types — grants, debt, equity — to meet entrepreneurs and their enterprises where they are.
  • In our impact management, we measure integrated risk and returns, recognizing that social and ecological impact metrics are as critical as financial ones.
  • In our field-building work, integrated capital means creating new knowledge and transforming policies and practices for multiple stakeholders throughout the impact investing ecosystem.
  • In our fund structure, integrated capital means blending capital sources so that all kinds of investors — accredited, non-accredited (community), institutional and philanthropic — can participate in economic justice.

Field Building and Education

Through fund manager education and advisory services, we advance fresh perspectives on democratizing investment, strengthening relationships and building solidarity.

Invest in Us

Whether you are an investor or a philanthropic donor, your support of BII will have a transformative effect in closing the racial wealth gap and creating an economy that works for everyone.