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Together with our portfolio companies, we are making a difference in building wealth and power for communities of color. Our investments support majority business ownership by people of color, help create living wage jobs, and empower decision-making for workers and community members.

Help us close the racial wealth gap and catalyze power in communities of color.

Invest in Fund II

BII Fund II is a $20 million debt fund that invests integrated capital into early stage social enterprises owned by entrepreneurs of color and community-owned or controlled real estate to prevent displacement in Massachusetts and the Northeast. Your investment allows us to provide patient, non-extractive equity and flexible debt capital to the people and places that need it the most. In turn, investors receive an integrated return on investment to catalyze wealth and asset-building opportunities for communities of color.

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We are dedicated to building a sustainable, inclusive and equitable economy, but know we can’t close the racial wealth gap in our community using investment capital alone. Philanthropic support is a necessary part of the solution: It supplies the risk capital that unlocks opportunity for undercapitalized enterprises, underwrites the development of new programs and nurtures leaders of color with the skills and experience to deploy capital in alignment with the values of justice, inclusion and solidarity. BII is a 501(c)(3) public charity and a donation to us is tax-deductible.

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Through our field-building and education work, we are transforming the impact investing field so that economic and racial justice become integral to any place-based investment strategy.