Build financial knowledge and power through play

Integrated Capital: An Antidote To Inequality

The Integrated Capital Card Deck is designed to help fund managers, funders and impact investors learn how to deploy integrated capital to close the racial wealth divide. The bilingual (English/Spanish) deck is made up of 121 cards in seven suits that help match types of capital, transaction structures and impact criteria with small businesses and nonprofits that are contributing to building regenerative and equitable local economies.

What Will I Learn?

These games can be played in person or in virtual breakout rooms, followed by learning debrief and discussion. The effect of playing is to deepen participants’ understanding of creative financial tools for solving wealth inequality, as well as to broaden their view of how multiple stakeholders can solve problems together. Want to play a game?

For Community Investors and Entrepreneurs

Discover the many forms of capital beyond bank loans that are available to entrepreneurs in your community.

Learn how to strengthen relationships between funding sources, entrepreneurs and citizens.

Explore the many roles you can play in creating a more equitable, inclusive economy.

For Finance Professionals

Learn how to integrate impact criteria and impact covenants into transaction structures.

Develop fluency in alternative financing structures, such as royalty finance and direct public offerings.

Identify the roles multiple stakeholders play can play in providing social capital to the entrepreneurs you support.

Buy Game Program

We’ll take you on an integrated capital learning journey in person or online. Games can be designed for all experience levels. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Custom game facilitated by BII
  • Access to our online cards
  • Access to our online curriculum with Case Studies including Teacher’s Guides and a Facilitator’s Guide for hosting multiple formats of Integrated Capital Card games

Pricing: $2500 for full program

Buy Card Decks

Deepen your understanding of creative financial tools for addressing the capital gap. Start your learning journey with your very own Integrated Capital Card Deck.

  • $45 for funders, investors and for-profit institutions
  • $30 for nonprofits and community-based organizations
  • $15 for students

“BII’s Integrated Capital Card Game is a fantastic learning tool! It’s a creative, effective way to find out about impact investing terms and learn which types of capital and transaction structures work best for different social enterprises. Our fellows love it because it’s interactive, fun and super practical.”

Deb Nelson

Executive Director, Just Economy Institute

“The Integrated Capital Cards were a great addition to the impact investing class at Georgetown. It allowed students to not only grasp the tenets of the field but begin to think strategically about better aligning investment vehicles with mission and business models. Moreover, the leadership from the Boston Impact Initiative team was outstanding. Their knowledge, patience and instruction were very well received.”

Melissa Bradley

Professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and Founder, 1863 Ventures

“The Integrated Capital Card game was a terrific exercise for our fellowship program. As a group with both newcomers to the field of impact investing and seasoned VCs, the breadth of the terminology and concepts revealed in the cards and through the case studies provided exposure on innovative funding mechanisms and a fun setting to apply them. Would definitely recommend it for beginners and experts alike!”

Hattie Brown

Kirchner Food Fellowship with HBCUs

“Using the BII Integrated Capital Cards provided an engaging and experimental learning opportunity for our board members to understand the many ways to structure flexible capital for entrepreneurs of color.”

Benjamin Vann

Founder and CEO, Impact Ventures

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