Fund I

Fund I

In 2018, we launched BII Fund I, a nonprofit charitable fund that raised $7 million in 18 months. As of July 2022, BII Fund I has deployed more than $7.7 million in total (including grant capital), with $6.9 million in debt and equity investments into 50 enterprises and $860,000 in grants awarded to 45+ nonprofits.

Meet our Portfolio Companies


Joanna Smith is a former educator and the founder of AllHere, an AI-powered technology solution for K-12 schools to increase student participation, reduce the dropout rate, and build engagement.

EmVision Productions

Dr. Tariana V. Little is the co-founder and CEO of EmVision Productions. She developed the Social Impact Storytelling™ framework that helps businesses and organizations convey their value and values.

Investment that Transforms

We annually assess the impact of our portfolio companies by measuring metrics such as ownership, living wage, local and diverse procurement, and job creation. The impact is tangible. Here is the impact of our portfolio as of 2021.

“BII has been an instrumental partner for us in growing a company that walks the talk of equity and transparency. It’s as crucial to the success of our company as our revenue and growth.”

Helen Adeosun

CEO and Co-founder, Care Academy

“We’ve received support and connections, in addition to working capital from BII. Once you are connected to a network that will support your vision, it is even more valuable than money. This means a lot to us as a Latina – and woman-owned business in construction.”

Jeysi Zuniga

CEO and Founder, Synergy Contracting Inc.

“BII was our first investment check when nobody believed in us and our startup. They not only invested but convinced others to invest. BII’s investment, team, support, resources, and connections saved and strengthened our business.”

Florence Furaha

CEO and Co-Founder, Meetcaregivers

Invest in Us

Whether you are an investor or a philanthropic donor, your support of BII will have a transformative effect in closing the racial wealth gap and creating an economy that works for everyone.