Amy Kaufman

2024Illinois, US


Amy Kaufman is the visionary financial activist behind Studio Watershed, where her passion for social change and financial acumen converge to create lasting impact. With over twenty years dedicated to the social sector, Amy’s expertise lies in blending strategy, scalability, finance, and data to drive real-world results. At the core of Amy’s approach is a commitment to fostering deep partnerships and advocating for social justice. Studio Watershed boasts a diverse portfolio, supporting nonprofits, foundations, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Amy’s influence extends nationally, with notable collaborations including the MacArthur Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Network of Abortion Funds, and Tides. Her dedication also deeply permeates the Chicago community, evidenced by her impactful work with organizations like Share Our Spare, WTTW, LISC, Chicago Cubs Charities, Lawyers for the Creative Arts, and A Better Chicago.

Beyond her professional contributions, Amy is an avid volunteer and has served on the boards of No Shame On You, OSRUI, Sweet Beginnings and Tuesday’s Child. She is passionate about aligning financial capital with her values and leads an investment circle dedicated to socially responsible investing. Amy is an outdoor enthusiast and spends lots of time biking, hiking, kayaking, and enjoying lakefront walks with her two children and beloved dog. Her academic credentials include a BS in Public Affairs from Indiana University, an MPA from the University of Illinois, and a certificate from the Harvard Kennedy School. Amy was also a 2018 RSF Integrated Capital Fellow, further highlighting her commitment to using capital as a catalyst for social change.