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Rose Felix Cratsley

Rose Felix Cratsley is a Wellbeing and Equity Specialist, Innovator, Investor, Founder of Ivy Child International (Ivy Child) and Trustee of the Felix Family Foundation. Rose founded Ivy Child, a non-profit that broadens access to mindfulness and healing education programs for children, youth, and communities. As an entirely BIPOC led organization, Ivy Child centers social justice and equity, with a special focus on often overlooked populations.  Rose is also the Trustee of the Felix Family Foundation, in honor of the life and legacy of Rose’s father Professor Felix Mathew. The Foundation focuses on expanding pathways in education and racial justice, addressing inequities and creating opportunities for communities of color.  Rose is a TEDx speaker on “Unlocking Children’s Potential Through Mindfulness.” Most recently, Rose was honored among the 2022 “Powerful Women Leading the Mindfulness Movement” by Mindful Magazine