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NETI Announces Fellowship Inaugural Cohort

BII in the Media

BII and other organizations from across the small business ecosystem of New England and New York State join the inaugural NETI Fellowship Program cohort.

March 25, 2024 – Northampton, MA – The Northeast Transition Initiative (NETI), a partnership of organizations whose mission is to expand the knowledge, resources and tools needed to support exit planning for business owners and transitions to employee ownership, selected 18 fellows from across the small business ecosystem of New England and New York State to join its inaugural NETI Fellowship Program cohort.

The 9-month-long fellowship, which kicked off in February, will move fellows through a curriculum and projects that help each participant develop a strategic, region-specific model to support businesses and business owners in navigating the exit planning process and the employee ownership option.

“Exit planning is critical when it comes to building wealth as a small business owner and maintaining community wealth in the form of vibrant local businesses,” said Elijah Miller, Director of Policy at the City of Boston’s Office of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion. “I’m excited to be part of the Northeast Transition Initiative Fellowship because NETI has brought together a fantastic team of local and regional business-serving organizations that can see how the risk of unplanned business exits has hurt our communities and we’re motivated to help small business owners recognize that exit planning and employee ownership are excellent wealth management options to consider for themselves and for their family and community.”

About the Northeast Transition Initiative (NETI)

NETI is a partnership of organizations and lenders with deep experience in exit-planning and ownership transitions. We share a common goal of equipping small businesses with the tools, resources, and knowledge to support successful exit planning and a seamless transition to employee ownership. In doing so, we believe we can preserve jobs and businesses, increase wealth-building opportunities for employees, and ensure a more prosperous economy across the Northeast. Visit us to learn more: