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Introducing BII’s Spring 2024 Emerging Fund Manager Cohort

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We’re excited to announce our 2024 Spring Emerging Fund Manager Cohort! This cohort program provides education and training to diverse, emerging fund managers interested in designing impact investment funds that use integrated capital to promote economic justice. 

Minority and women-owned firms make up less than 10% of the asset management industry and control just under 1% of the $70 trillion in US assets under management. This cohort program addresses this issue by offering a robust fund manager curriculum that increases the number of BIPOC and women-led funds and, in turn, increases financing support for entrepreneurs of color. Our goal is to create a budding community of practice for solidarity finance practitioners. 

Through this program, cohort members receive access to our curriculum, participate in virtual sessions and receive 1:1 coaching. These resources provide participants with a framework and expertise to create impact investment funds that center communities of color. After completing the program, cohort participants become part of a growing network of alumni that they can connect with and learn from.  

This cohort model advances our mission at BII—to transform the impact investing field so that economic and racial justice become integral to any impact investment strategy. Our unique training provides a fresh perspective on trust-based investing, educates participants on the delicate balance between risk and return, and democratizes ownership and decision-making in communities of color. We’re excited to learn and teach alongside this cohort and share the journey along the way! 

2024 Cohort Fund Teams:

Black Diamond Group – Anthony Williams, Ebone Campbell, Justin Enlow  – Houston, TX

Browning the Green Space – Kerry Bowie, Brahm Rhodes, Julia Parker – Boston, MA

EntrepreNorth – Kristin Richard, Roman Asmundson – Northwest Territories, Canada

Fireweed Institute – Jacqueline Jennings – Vancouver, Canada

NeighborBuilt – Daniel Edwards, Ebony Edwards – Kansas City, MO

Roanhorse Consulting – Justine Correa, Mari Hicks, Elyse Dempsey – Albuquerque, NM

State Power Fund – Prentiss Haney, Eric Brakken – National

Watershed Capital – Amy Kaufman and Jessyca Dudley – Chicago, IL

To learn more about the program, our cohort members, and their funds, click here.