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Find a selection of articles and perspectives, as well as data and stories, about creating a just economy and accelerating wealth creation in communities of color.

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Just Lending Framework and Model Loan Agreement

BII partnered with Lawyers for Civil Rights to host a “hackathon” with volunteer attorneys to develop model loan documents that are simplified, transparent and entrepreneur-friendly, in line with our values of financial inclusion and our goal to facilitate capital access for entrepreneurs of color. Our objective was to create open-source documents that can be used across the industry, in Massachusetts and nationwide. Follow the link below to download the underlying Just Lending Framework.

Forging a Post-COVID Economy with Nature as our Guide

As the world considers how to build stronger and more just societies, can our economic model work more like nature, regenerating the systems that power its growth? In this article, Deborah Frieze and Sallie Calhoun extend a conversation they began at TPT 2019 Seattle in a panel discussion that also featured HSBC’s António Simões.

How I Became a Localist

Most of our big systems—education, healthcare, government, business—are failing our communities. What if we stopped trying to fix them? BII Co-Founder and Board Chair, Deborah Frieze says it’s not possible to change big systems—we can only abandon them and start over or offer hospice to what’s dying. This talk explores the underlying beliefs in our culture that continue to prop up the global mindset and shares a radical theory of change that reveals how localism is the hope of the future—and you have a critical role to play.

Learning Resources

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